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Monday, August 24, 2015

Are we repeating Black Monday 1987?

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August 24, 2015
On Today's Program

The global stock market just took its biggest dive since October 2008. The DOW dropped a stunning 588 points, a sober reminder of how quickly a volatile situation could develop in the event of an economic crash. Glenn shared his thoughts and listed a few suggestions for how to be prepared. MORE

Last Friday, Glenn pledged a million dollars from his charity to help rescue Christians from the Middle East seeking asylum. Today, he upped the goal to two million. "This is Schindler's List," Glenn said. "We can actually buy a family of five for $25,000 and get them out of Syria." Listen to the lengths Glenn said he'd go to if it meant bringing them safely across our border. WATCH

A group of Satanists stood outside a Planned Parenthood clinic to protest in favor of abortion Saturday. As part of the protest, black-robed members of the Satanist group poured milk over kneeling women whose hands were bound. While many people have simply laughed this off as a publicity stunt, Glenn said his gut told him this was related to an ancient ritual. Glenn's friend Rabbi Daniel Lapin joined Glenn on the radio to share his perspective, confirming Glenn's suspicions. MORE

"I have struggled with my job or 'calling' for many years — always thinking that something big is going to happen and I need to figure out what it is and lead the way," Glenn wrote. "In my listening to you I have found the answer." READ

Forbes calls it "profit enhancing", Business Insider says it has the potential of "taking over our wallets." And says "You can beef up your individual retirement account with it." LEARN MORE HERE.

Movie director Jon Erwin joined Glenn on radio today, to share some details about the new movie, Woodlawn, which will premiere on 8/28 in Birmingham as part of Glenn's Restoring Unity event. Find out the details HERE.

Warning! We might be in for a repeat of the thirties and forties
Glenn took to Facebook this morning to share an alarming update on global markets. Admittedly, Glenn isn't the best on timing, but the direction things are going now is starkly reminiscent to times leading up to the Great Depression. What's causing all of this to happen? What can we do to prepare? Get Glenn's thoughts HERE.

The 40 Day, 40 Night Challenge — Day 36
"What importance does fasting play in your spiritual life?" Glenn wrote. "Do you currently have situations where you need to hear from God? What are you doing to refocus on Him or to hear His voice?" READ

Chuck Norris just called
Just before starting his Friday morning radio show, Glenn's phone rang. It was Chuck Norris. The last time Chuck Norris called, Glenn had to go to the doctor (well, that might have been for another reason). This time, Chuck Norris called to say he'd had enough and wanted to do something about it. Was Glenn shaking in his boots? Find out HERE.

TONIGHT 8PM ET, Freedom Fest
Glenn Beck celebrates independence and the free thinking Americans who are disrupting the American political system and restoring freedom to our country. WATCH

Did you get your copy of Glenn's newest book, It IS About Islam?
Parts of Islam have been hijacked by radical and violent sects. Even though not all Islam is bad, and it's only the psychotic Islam that's bad, we are still fighting a holy war. Saying we're waging a war on anything else to be politically correct is irresponsible and dangerous. Discover from the Muslims' own words how the deep-seated hatred this violent branch of Islam has for the West is rooted in their own religious text. Order your copy HERE.

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