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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Beck is back! (For real this time)

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August 04, 2015
On Today's Program

When the doctors told Glenn he couldn't speak for thirty days, he was scared that he would return to the microphone with nothing. But it turns out the isolation from work, friends, and family gave Glenn a new perspective on what really changes the world. Here's a hint — it doesn't involve merely going to church every Sunday. LISTEN

Loving someone is a choice without conditions. Is there currently someone in your life that you need to love unconditionally? Pray and ask God to take away those conditions so you can love unconditionally. See today's readings and more from the 40 Day, 40 Night Challenge HERE.

The fifth undercover video about Planned Parenthood is up now. And it's extraordinarily disturbing. Hidden cameras worn by an actor posing as a tissue buyer captures video of one of the leaders of the Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood negotiating how many body parts they can procure from abortion procedures. WATCH

It's rare for a broadcaster to step away from the public eye for thirty days and come back to a show in good shape. In fact, when the doctors told Glenn he had to walk away for thirty days he thought he would lose a lot of stations, listeners, and advertisers. Glenn took a few moments during today's show to thank everyone for their support as he took care of his health. MORE

Reports are coming in from districts around the country: Prominent U.S. politicians have been taking their money out of the country's banks and financial services firms. Republicans and Democrats alike. Originally we identified 22. That tally is now up to 54. Some of these are names you might even recognize. They've been moving their money to a surprising location in the U.S.—a safe haven most folks have forgotten. When you see this story, you'll understand why.

On radio Tuesday, Glenn announced he'd been thinking about getting a tattoo on his wrist. While admitting his church strongly recommends against getting tattoos, Glenn said there's something he feels so strongly about he wants it to be displayed for others to see and never erased. MORE

Kids fined for selling...worms?
Apparently lemonade stands and bake sales aren't the only entrepreneurial ventures children are being forced to shut down because of government overreach. Three siblings from Cornwall, Ont. now face a $240 fine for advertising an earthworm business they've operated for just over a year. But they're not backing down. MORE

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