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Monday, August 03, 2015

Business as usual for enterprise migrations to Windows 10

Lawmakers headed to Silicon Valley to push tech companies on diversity | Why does SQL injection still exist?

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Business as usual for enterprise migrations to Windows 10
Windows 10 may be a radical change from its predecessors, maybe even the last version of the OS, but for enterprises planning to migrate to the new operating system, it will be the same old, same old, analysts said today. Read More


B2B 360-Degrees: A Revolution in EDI and API Integration
Using B2B integration technology, digital networks allow companies to manage, secure and optimize data transactions across all industries and in every corner of the globe. Read this whitepaper to learn more. Learn More

: Citrix Systems

eGuide: WAN Virtualization
In this eGuide, Network World examines the benefits of WAN virtualization and some recent trends in this area. Read on to learn how WAN virtualization can help your organization. Learn More

Lawmakers headed to Silicon Valley to push tech companies on diversity
Three U.S. lawmakers are traveling to Silicon Valley to push tech companies to offer opportunities for African-Americans, an area in which most of these companies have poor track records. Read More

Why does SQL injection still exist?
After having spent the last two weeks in Asia I find myself sitting in a hotel room in Tokyo pondering something. I delivered a few talks in Singapore and in Manila and was struck by the fact that we're still talking about SQL injection as a problem. Read More

LaaS (Linux as a Service) -- What you can expect when you build a Linux server in the cloud
If you haven't already launched a Linux server in the cloud, this might be the perfect time. Why? Because you can set one up in a matter of minutes. Because you have lots of choices on what distribution you elect to use. Because you just might find that a Linux servers in the cloud provide you with a very convenient way to work with commands and apps that you might not have time or opportunity to try out at work. Read More

: BMC Software

Key Considerations for Delivering Intelligent Compliance
High profile data breaches and security events have exponentially raised awareness about IT security and compliance. What is behind the drive for increased focus on these aspects of IT, and how can it be combined with supporting the day-to-day needs of the business? IDC analyst Sean Pike explains in this brief video. Learn More

Cisco's pay package for CEO Robbins is a sweet deal
Cisco will pay incoming CEO Chuck Robbins a higher salary than outgoing chief John Chambers made in fiscal 2014. Robbins will make US$1.15 million in salary in fiscal 2016, which began this week, and he could earn another $2.59 million based on performance under Cisco's Executive Incentive Plan. Add in as much as $13 million in stock grants, and Robbins could bring in more than $16.7 million for his first year at the helm. Read More

Neiman Marcus case a reminder to check your cyber coverage
In a decision that should send major corporations to double-check their cyberinsurance, a federal appeals court ruled Monday that retail customers could go ahead and file a class-action lawsuit against Neiman Marcus in the wake of last year's data breach. Read More

Researchers improve de-anonymization attacks for websites hiding on Tor
Researchers have developed a new technique that could allow attackers to determine with a high degree of accuracy which Tor websites users are accessing and where those websites are hosted. Read More

WHITE PAPER: Silver Peak Systems Inc

5 Reasons why Enterprises are Moving to Broadband Their WAN
The WAN has always been about connecting users to applications and moving data, but the playing field has now changed with datacenters migrating to the cloud along with missioncritical applications. Ultimately the way that enterprises and their users do business has changed - and so must their approach to connectivity. Learn more >>

Why enterprises are embracing rogue IT
Rogue IT, a term used to describe something as commonplace as an employee bringing a smartphone to work or using a cloud-based service to back up files, exists for many reasons. Read More

DataTorrent tackles complexity of Hadoop data ingestion
While the buzz around big data analysis is at a peak, there is less discussion about how to get the necessary data into the systems in the first place, which can involve the cumbersome task of setting up and maintaining a number of data processing pipelines. Read More

Symantec: Well-heeled hacking group Black Vine behind Anthem breach
A group has been singled out as the attacker behind the recently disclosed hack against Anthem, believed to be the largest waged against a health care company. Read More


14 fascinating facts about Apple's iPhone

Eight years since its debut, Apple's iPhone has changed and conquered the smartphone market. Here are some interesting facts you might not know about the iPhone.


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