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Friday, August 21, 2015

Chuck Norris just called

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August 21, 2015
On Today's Program

Just before starting his Friday morning radio show, Glenn's phone rang. It was Chuck Norris. The last time Chuck Norris called, Glenn had to go to the doctor (well, that might have been for another reason). This time, Chuck Norris called to say he'd had enough and wanted to do something about it. Was Glenn shaking in his boots? Find out HERE.

Glenn made a prediction last night in front of his studio audience about the year 2016. It wasn't a happy prediction, but it wasn't without hope either. History shows us how individuals and nations respond when they've been pushed up against the wall. Glenn seemed to think we may be approaching one of those times. WATCH

"Are you at peace?" Glenn wrote. "The best test I use to check my level of peace is this: can you drive alone for an hour without the radio on? Total silence. You and your thoughts? The answer for me used to be no. I needed something to distract me or I tore myself apart." READ

Glenn invited Johnnie Moore, author of Defying ISIS, onto his radio show Friday to discuss the dire situation for Christians in the Middle East. Calling Moore "the closest thing we have to a Bonhoeffer today," Glenn asked him to describe what's really going on in the Middle East that the media and our government won't talk about. MORE

Why is survival food selling out across the country? We tested the top survival food and you'll be shocked at what we found. Watch the controversial video before it disappears again. WATCH

Ted Cruz joined Glenn on radio today, where he took a moment to list the five things he plans on doing the first day in office if elected. First, he'll take President Obama's executive actions to task. Next, he'll open an investigation into Planned Parenthood. By the end, Glenn seemed even more impressed with Cruz than he was before. Get the details HERE.

The most powerful pro-life video Glenn has ever seen
On radio today, Glenn brought up a video created by a member of his staff, Dan Andros. Describing it as the best pro-life video he's ever seen, Glenn went on to say, "Look, we don't need to wake up our audience. You have to send that to somebody whose heart you think you can change." Glenn said. "I beg you to share it." WATCH

Seven days until we meet in Birmingham for Never Again Is Now
"We're not taking any Christians from overseas," Glenn said. "Literally, we were asking you to be a part of Schindler's List. We're asking you to help us save lives. Never again is now. And we can save lives and rescue lives." Join the movement HERE.

Hillary Clinton said something about progressives she probably wishes she didn't
Hillary Clinton was caught speaking off camera when she thought she wasn't and made some revealing admissions about progressives. Most have seized on her rough interaction, but they're missing the biggest story in the clip. Clinton completely admits she doesn't believe people can change. Shocking audio — take a listen HERE.

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