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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cisco: Flash exploits are soaring

3 things Cisco's new CEO Chuck Robbins needs to focus on | Google releases stylish $199 Wi-Fi router meant to be shown off

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Cisco: Flash exploits are soaring
Cisco is reporting that successful exploits of Flash vulnerabilities are soaring, partly because they are rapidly being incorporated in kits that take advantage of the flaws as well as because enterprises aren't patching fast enough, which leaves them open to attack. Read More


Data breaches bring security up the healthcare agenda
As recent events have made clear, protecting health information is not easy. KPMG's industry professionals argue the key to improved protection is integrating cybersecurity into the organization. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: F5 Networks

How to Future-Proof Application Delivery
The new requirements for application delivery mean adopting the principles behind cloud, DevOps, and SDN, and enabling emerging security models. Read this whitepaper to learn how you can manage every delivery aspect of users, applications, systems and infrastructure with an elastic, dynamic infrastructure designed to support these requirements. Learn more >>

3 things Cisco's new CEO Chuck Robbins needs to focus on
Now that the reins have been turned over, I'd like to offer Chuck Robbins some advice as he looks to take Cisco to the next level. Read More

Google releases stylish $199 Wi-Fi router meant to be shown off
Google, which likes to tackle big challenges, including human mortality, is at it again, this time taking on another global nuisance: notoriously complicated and ugly home Wi-Fi routers. Read More

Wi-Fi provider kicked users off their own hotspots at conventions
Smart City, a provider of Internet services at convention centers and hotels, will pay the U.S. Federal Communications Commission $750,000 for kicking users off their personal hotspots to try and force them to use its Wi-Fi service. Read More


KPMG Presents Cybersecurity
In this eGuide, Network World, CSO, and IDG News Service examine some of the latest trends in cyberattacks and cybersecurity. Read on to learn how to help raise your organization's security posture. Learn More

When video collaboration makes sense in the cloud
The T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) educates and trains physicians all over the world. Consequently, the school is set up for distance learning. It has conference rooms, classrooms and even a dedicated teaching studio decked out with high-end Cisco telepresence gear. (Insider Story) Read More

Attackers increasingly abuse insecure routers and other home devices for DDoS attacks
Attackers are taking advantage of home routers and other devices that respond to UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) requests over the Internet in order to amplify distributed denial-of-service attacks. Read More

Your router: Gateway for hackers
It is generally accepted in IT that the weakest link in the security chain is the fallible and frequently careless human. But a close second, many experts say, is the router. Read More


HIPAA Violations Incur Multi-Million in Penalties
As mobile transforms into an overall endpoint-computing strategy, IT leaders need to embrace endpoint-computing innovation and re-evaluate their strategies. Click to learn more. Learn More

Google's new OnHub home Wi-Fi router: What is it and who might need it?
Home Wi-Fi routers are often designed as unattractive, dumbed-downed versions of enterprise routers. Google's just-announced OnHub router takes a different approach – designed for consumers to connect everything to Google's and other clouds, it actually looks pretty sweet. First: It's a router. Read More

Verizon preps super-fast 10Gbps broadband
Verizon engineers have finished lab and field tests of a new fiber optic network capable of 10Gbps, or 10 times the speed of Google Fiber and some other currently-available networks. Read More

OpenStack is redefining the business model for data solutions
IT is headed toward being something more akin to a utility service, transformed by OpenStack's open standardized cloud architecture, which will improve interoperability and render vendor lock-in a thing of the past. Read More


Top 10 techie vacation spots

Whether you want to unplug or plug-in, check out these getaways.


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