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Monday, August 03, 2015

CoastZone: Turmeric - Prayer & Finance

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Weekend Edition  August 3, 2015   Coast Insider Audio

In the first half of the program, George Noory welcomed researcher Christian Wilde , who discussed how turmeric has been shown to offer benefit to some 600 different health conditions, including Alzheimer's, depression, diabetes and MS. One of the most remarkable things about the spice is that it doesn't have side effects, he noted. Turmeric functions as an antioxidant, but also has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, he detailed. Further, it can neutralize toxicity, and has been used in integrative medicine approaches for cancer, making the effects of chemotherapy less harmful.

Turmeric has the ability to shut off the blood flow to tumors, and may reduce the spread of cancer, he continued. In China, turmeric has been used for nearly 5,000 years to treat depression, he cited, and works by mediating various neurotransmitters. Turmeric has a slight blood thinning effect so people on drugs such as Warfarin should check with their doctors before using, he cautioned. In order to monetize the beneficial qualities of turmeric, pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to synthesize the spice into a drug, Wilde reported.
Prayer & Finance:

In the latter half, author and the editor-in-chief of , James Paris, shared his story of being a multimillionaire by the age of thirty and bankrupt by forty after becoming the victim of an embezzlement scheme perpetrated by his own brother, who was his accountant. Paris hit rock bottom and was even planning to commit suicide, when he decided to pray to God, and this had a huge impact in turning his life around.

"I always look at praying as kind of a partnership between you and God. You are going to do your best; you're going to try and do what you can do to solve the problem. You're going to ask for God's help and God's direction. So, I don't look at it like God is simply going to drop a bag of money on your doorstep," he said. A realistic prayer is approaching God for some ideas and plans for your situation, and then writing those ideas down, and actually acting on them, he outlined.

C2C Instapoll:

In our newest Instapoll, we ask if you think Edward Snowden should be pardoned and allowed to freely return to the USA. Vote here.

Cross-Country Killer:

In the first half of Saturday's show, Dave Schrader welcomed author and crime researcher, Diane Fanning , who discussed the terrifying case of Tommy Lynn Sells, a serial killer who made his way across the country for two decades. Fanning traced the evil which surrounded Sells back to his childhood, when his mother abandoned him for years then tore him from his surrogate guardians only to leave him once again, but this time in the custody of a pedophile. If not for this turn of events, she speculated that Sells, at worst, would have become a petty criminal, however "that experience destroyed any humanity left in him." As such, Sells went on to travel throughout America murdering men, women, and children over the span of twenty years. The latter half of the program featured Open Lines and included a number of callers who shared their stories of narrowly escaping possible murderers and kidnappers...cont.

Today in Strangeness:

On August 3rd, 1958, the Nautilus, an atomic submarine, became the first vessel to cross underneath the North Pole. On this day in 1967, James Law and some high school buddies rode the entire New York City subway system in a total of 22 hours and 11 minutes. The United States Senate began hearings on the covert CIA mind-control program, MK-ULTRA, on today's date in 1977.

Tonight's Show, Monday, August 3rd:

Preparedness expert Matthew Stein will discuss the danger of solar flares, and how we would only have 12 hours to prepare for a massive solar storm, the ongoing debacle of Fukushima, the militarization and increasing violence in America's civilian police force, and the apparent targeting of dissidents in the USA who threaten the great corporatocracy of America.

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