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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Did Glenn praise Trump?

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August 26, 2015
On Today's Program

At a press conference Tuesday, Donald Trump did something that Glenn called "absolutely unbelievable" and "masterfully done" on radio today. While he hasn't had very many good things to say about Trump in the past, Glenn was quick to acknowledge Trumps boldness when he saw it. "He does not flinch. He does not look nervous," Glenn said. MORE

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"What does it look like to fully trust God in your life?" Glenn wrote. "Today, identify areas in your life where you need to trust God more." MORE

On radio today, Glenn spoke with Stu Weber, a life-time NRA member, who has taken matters into his own hands in starting a petition to recall Grover Norquist from the NRA board. This fascinated Glenn, who said Norquist is among the "top ten most dangerous men in America on the right because you don't see him coming." Listen to the exchange HERE.

Join Glenn tomorrow night at 8 pm Eastern Time for a 60 minute live stream of Glenn on site in Birmingham, Alabama as he preps for the Restoring Unity event. Watch and hear Glenn discuss the message and inspiration behind his new book, It IS About Islam, while he signs copies of the book and answers user submitted questions. WATCH

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'It is too late': Glenn reacts to focus group results on Trump
"It is so crazy how this is all playing out exactly like '08," Glenn wrote. "Like him or hate him. It is real. People like me have been warning the GOP for almost a decade that they needed to listen to the people, but they continued to play a game. It is too late. The party is over!" MORE

TONIGHT 10PM ET, The Keynotes: Hunter's Convention
Glenn delivers a powerful message about the undeniable truths from our history that make us who we are: Americans. He calls us to stand against evil and support liberty and freedom for people all around the world. WATCH

Joe Biden '16… Really?
Glenn joined CNN host Don Lemon Monday night, just hours after reports emerged Joe Biden had received President Obama's blessing for a 2016 bid. When Lemon brought up the topic of Mr. Biden running for president, Glenn responded as could be expected – with laughter. WATCH

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