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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Donald Trump said what!?


Dear Friends,

Draft Biden 2016’s recent surge along with growing speculation that Joe Biden will enter the Presidential race has put many candidates on the defensive. Donald Trump late last week opined that he would “do great” in a matchup against Joe Biden.


For the last six weeks, we have witnessed Trump and others continue to attack the programs and problem-solving that have been the hallmark of Joe’s years in the Senate and White House: affordable health care, women’s rights, quality public education, and fair immigration policy. Trump and others want to roll back all the progress that has been made for working Americans. Donald Trump wants to pick a fight with Joe Biden? We welcome it.

But we need your support to fight back.

We cannot allow this election to be bought by the super-rich, like Trump and his cronies.

Let’s show Donald that Joe’s supporters will not shy away from a fair fight over our most important issues.

Please make a contribution of only $25, $50 or $100 online today.


Josh Alcorn
Senior Advisor
Draft Biden 2016

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