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Monday, August 03, 2015

Fined for selling...worms?

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August 03, 2015
On Today's Program

Apparently lemonade stands and bake sales aren't the only entrepreneurial ventures children are being forced to shut down because of government overreach. Three siblings from Cornwall, Ont. now face a $240 fine for advertising an earthworm business they've operated for just over a year. But they're not backing down. MORE

For weeks now, Glenn has been following his doctor's advice, staying off the air to prevent further injury to his highly strained vocal chords. Today was the day he was going to finally come back to share what he's learned during his silence. But at the start of radio, only Stu and Jeffy were there, with no Glenn to be seen nor heard. So what happened? Find out HERE.

SO today may have been a false start, but we're really thinking Glenn is going to be back on radio and TV Tuesday. What has he learned from his time away? What does he think about some of the big news stories that happened while he was out? Plus, we're less than a month away from the Birmingham even on 8/28 and 8/29! Glenn's going to have a lot to say — and four hours may not even be enough to cover it all! Stay tuned to and TheBlaze TV for the big return!

Glenn writes: On 8/28 we will gather together in Birmingham and begin to put into practice those things we say we believe. The best way to conquer our problems is to focus on the needs of others. We would have a much better handle on our situation if we actually saw the rest of the world in context with ours. Our problems seem small. Sexism? Racism? All lives matter? In comparison to the rest of the world we are a dream. Let's first gain perspective of our blessings as a nation and individuals by helping others. MORE

Why is survival food selling out across the country? We tested the top survival food and you'll be shocked at what we found. Watch the controversial video before it disappears again. WATCH

You may be familiar with grafting, a plant propagation technique commonly used in horticulture. Well, one man has taken the practice to a whole new level, grafting peaches, apricots and 38 other types of fruit into a single tree. Meet Sam Van Aken, artist and professor at Syracuse University, master of the 40 fruit tree phenomenon. MORE

Company that set a minimum wage of $70,000/year facing some unexpected consequences
The left championed Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price as a hero in the war against income inequality, but a few months after setting a minimum wage of $70k his business has encountered some unexpected problems. Well, unexpected if you don't have any comprehension as to why socialist principles have categorically failed throughout history. It turns out that if you give the least skilled people at your company a huge pay raise, the highly skilled employees who carry the burden of getting the work done won't be too happy to get nothing. Stu had the story on today's radio show — listen HERE.

Should we abandon the American flag?
Glenn got a lot of heat for saying he was no longer going to fly the American flag, and was in fact going to have a new flag made to fly at his ranch. He posted pictures of the new flags and explained what they meant. Plus — what needs to happen for him to fly the American flag once again? Get all the details HERE.

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