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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

FIRST LOOK: LibreOffice 5.0 free and open source suite

5 questions for a top machine learning expert | It pays to be CIO: Median pay for 25 Fortune 500 CIOs tops $2.4M

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FIRST LOOK: LibreOffice 5.0 free and open source suite
LibreOffice 5.0 is here! The landmark 5.0 release of LibreOffice, generally considered the strongest FOSS alternative to Microsoft Office as a productivity suite, is officially out today. The new version packs a lot of visible and under-the-hood changes, designed to bring it up to – and beyond – parity with its proprietary rival. Have a look. Read More

: Citrix Systems

eGuide: WAN Virtualization
In this eGuide, Network World examines the benefits of WAN virtualization and some recent trends in this area. Read on to learn how WAN virtualization can help your organization. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Silver Peak Systems Inc

5 Reasons why Enterprises are Moving to Broadband Their WAN
The WAN has always been about connecting users to applications and moving data, but the playing field has now changed with datacenters migrating to the cloud along with missioncritical applications. Ultimately the way that enterprises and their users do business has changed - and so must their approach to connectivity. Learn more >>

5 questions for a top machine learning expert
Carlos Guestrin has always been a big dreamer. As a kid he was a sci-fi fan and longed to build robots. Today, as a professor at the University of Washington he's one of the country's leading thinkers in machine learning technology. Read More

It pays to be CIO: Median pay for 25 Fortune 500 CIOs tops $2.4M
Today's CIOs can make millions as they ascend the corporate ladder. While climbing, many tech chiefs take on additional titles and broader administrative roles. (Insider Story) Read More

Who goes there? CA will know with Xceedium buy
In a move to round out its portfolio of enterprise identity management software, CA Technologies is acquiring security software provider Xceedium. Read More


New Relic for Amazon Web Services
Whether you've already moved to the Cloud or are getting ready to migrate, New Relic helps Amazon Web Services (AWS) users improve the performance and end-user experience of their business-critical applications. Learn more.

Google's Project Tango coming to 12 more countries
Google's Project Tango tablet development kit is going on sale this month in 12 additional countries. Read More

Sounds can knock drones out of the sky
Knocking a drone out of the sky is sometimes possible using an invisible weapon—sound. The vulnerability in some drones comes from a natural property of all objects—resonance. Read More

Microsoft levels up web version of Outlook for business customers
Enterprise users who rely on the web interface for Microsoft Outlook email will be getting an upgrade thanks to new features Microsoft announced Tuesday. Read More


Enterprise-Level PDF Accessibility
The biggest challenges in Life Sciences companies today are maintaining a robust product pipeline and reducing time to market while complying with an increasing and evolving multitude of Federal and international regulations. Learn More

File sync services provide covert way to control hacked computers
File synchronization services, used to accommodate roaming employees inside organizations, can also be a weak point that attackers could exploit to remain undetected inside compromised networks. Read More

Salesforce taps Instagram's new API with tailored marketing tools
Users of Salesforce's Marketing Cloud on Tuesday gained easier access to Instagram's roughly 300 million users thanks to an integration made possible by a new API. Read More

The cloud helps enterprises break chains shackling IT
At Nordstrom, the cloud is all about freeing up IT workers so they can focus on getting new apps and features into customers' hands instead of wasting time putting servers into racks. (Insider Story) Read More


How much do CIOs really make? Pay packages of 25 Fortune 500 execs revealed

Compensation for CIOs includes cash, equity, perks.


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