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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Get ready for Biden ‘16

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August 25, 2015
On Today's Program

Glenn joined CNN host Don Lemon Monday night, just hours after reports emerged Joe Biden had received President Obama's blessing for a 2016 bid. When Lemon brought up the topic of Mr. Biden running for president, Glenn responded as could be expected – with laughter. WATCH

Talk radio host Mark Levin invited Glenn onto his show Monday evening to discuss something ISIS is extremely open about, which has been largely disregarded by the mainstream media — Islam. The infamous terrorist group has been completely forthright in claiming Islam both justifies and inspires their actions, from slaughtering Christians and selling minorities as sex slaves to taking over cities and establishing a caliphate controlled by Sharia Law. Why is the common denominator being ignored? MORE

As a conservative Christian, Patrick Walsh went through missionary aviation school before he felt guided to start an air sign business. Inspired by the Never Again Is Now movement Glenn started talking about earlier this year, Walsh realized his business gave him the unique opportunity to support the cause in a very special way. And it would involve his 150-foot blimp. MORE

Donald Trump swore off Oreos over Nabisco's closure of a plant in Chicago, which will be moving to Mexico due to burdensome corporate taxes. Glenn took Trump to task over this comment, questioning how Trump is being touted as a Republican conservative? See why Glenn thinks Trump is more like a Republican progressive. WATCH

Discovered by scientists in Denmark, this 2oz piece of precision engineering can turn more than 947 liters of E. Coli, poop and even Fly Egg infested water into fresh, clear and clean drinking water… for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional water filters. See shocking video on how this "magical" device can save your life in a crisis. WATCH

Glenn's chief researcher, Jason Buttrill, explains how a journalist's one sided reporting helped mask and ultimately enable radical Islamists to rise. WATCH

Tickets nearly sold out for Restoring Unity in Birmingham
Be a part of Schindler's List. Help us save lives. Never again is now. Join the movement HERE.

Trump is no conservative
Glenn spoke with Scott Simon on NPR over the weekend, discussing the popularity of Donald Trump and why Glenn doesn't support him personally. As he's expressed before, Glenn emphasized Trump is not truly a conservative. Then why do Republicans seem to like him so much? Listen to Glenn's response HERE.

TONIGHT 8PM ET, The Keynotes: Stand & Fight
Glenn Beck addresses the NRA and challenges us to stand against the progressive ideology and gun regulations that are steering us away from our Constitutional values. WATCH

Did you get your copy of Glenn's newest book, It IS About Islam?
Parts of Islam have been hijacked by radical and violent sects. Even though not all Islam is bad, and it's only the psychotic Islam that's bad, we are still fighting a holy war. Saying we're waging a war on anything else to be politically correct is irresponsible and dangerous. Discover from the Muslims' own words how the deep-seated hatred this violent branch of Islam has for the West is rooted in their own religious text. Order your copy HERE

The 40 Day, 40 Night Challenge — Day 37
"Today, look up the Hebrew and Greek definition of the word 'cleanse,'" Glenn wrote. "Identify areas of your life that need cleansing. Are you a vessel ready to be used by God?" READ

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