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Friday, August 07, 2015

Glenn’s winners and losers...

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August 07, 2015
On Today's Program

With Glenn off radio for a month, last night's debate was a great way for him to see some of the GOP candidates in action. Let's face it, Glenn has made it very clear that certain candidates (*cough* Ted Cruz *cough*) are strong front runners. That's why Glenn's revelation of who he thought won the debate was so surprising. Find out HERE.

On radio today, Glenn declared Carly Fiorina the winner of yesterday's "second-tier" debate, calling her "wicked smart, really well put together and someone you could see in office." Joining him on air for an interview, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard took the opportunity to clarify her position on several issues, including one Glenn admitted he may have misjudged her on — big government. Listen to Fiona's comments and Glenn's reaction HERE.

Trump supporters claim to be finished with politicians and want someone who speaks the brutal, politically incorrect truth. But anyone fed up with the broken system in Washington needs to take a long look at some of the comments coming from The Donald at last night's debate. He admitted to giving money to politicians in exchange for favors — including Hillary Clinton! Even worse, he was proud of it. Can someone who takes advantage of the broken system really do anything to change it? Glenn had the story and reaction on the radio show Friday — WATCH.

Glenn Beck reacted to Thursday's first Republican presidential debate on his radio program Friday, saying it was the "best presidential debate" he has ever seen. "I expected a complete debacle because there was so many people," Beck admitted on his radio program. "But I think not only did I get a feel for every individual, I think some of my opinions were changed or enhanced on some individuals." MORE

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Who do YOU think won the debate?
It's that time again. Here is the link to the first post-debate audience poll. Remember, give each candidate a grade from A-F. Vote for what you wish would happen, not what you predict will happen. Results on the radio show and Stu's Facebook page on Tuesday. VOTE

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Glenn's newest book, It IS About Islam, will be released August 18th
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Obama calls harvesting of organs in Africa 'craziness' and 'cruel' – so why support Planned Parenthood?
On radio yesterday, Glenn played audio of a Q&A session with President Obama and young African leaders that practically dripped with irony. In response to a Kenyan woman's plea to bring attention to the ritualistic killing and harvesting of body parts of people with albinism in Africa, the president decried the practice, calling it a "foolish tradition," "craziness" and "cruel." Is harvesting body parts of aborted babies any different? Get Glenn's reaction HERE.

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