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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hillary said what?!

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August 20, 2015
On Today's Program

Hillary Clinton was caught speaking off camera when she thought she wasn't and made some revealing admissions about progressives. Most have seized on her rough interaction, but they're missing the biggest story in the clip. Clinton completely admits she doesn't believe people can change. Shocking audio — take a listen HERE.

As the author of more than a dozen best-selling books, Glenn said his staff brought to his attention that his new book, It IS About Islam, was ranked number two on Amazon on Thursday. So which book held the number one spot? A children's picture book about a bunny rabbit trying to fall asleep. Surprised? Get Glenn's reaction HERE.

We're eight days away from Birmingham, Alabama, and Restoring Unity. Glenn told radio listeners today they have quite a lot of work to do and some pretty big goals to hit. "We will share those when we're in Birmingham together," Glenn said. "If you're hearing a prompting of, 'I got to be there,' be there. Find a way." MORE

Glenn doesn't often go around praising Broadway shows — not since Spider-Man came out anyway. After recently attending a special pre-showing for Amazing Grace, Glenn had more than a little praise for the new musical. On radio today, Glenn shared the moment he felt "compelled to stand." MORE

Parts of Islam have been hijacked by radical and violent sects. The West needs to understand that even though not all Islam is bad, and it is only the psychotic Islam that is bad, we are still fighting a holy war. To be politically correct and call the war waging on anything else is irresponsible and dangerous. See Glenn show, in the Muslims' own words, that this violent branch of Islam has a deep-seated hatred for the West and it is rooted in their religious text. Order your copy HERE.

Poll result announcements make for some attention-grabbing headlines, but they can often be misleading. Glenn told his radio listeners today that Donald Trump was reportedly gaining in national polls, but Stu shared some insights indicating this may not really be true. MORE

Glenn says this video about China will send a chill up your spine
China recently made a surprising move by devaluing their own currency. On the face of it, the move makes little sense — why in the world would a country want to cripple their own economy? The Blaze's Chief Researcher Jason Buttrill breaks down the move and explains how China would benefit from this short term pain. Their long term goal is more ambitious than previously imagined and they've declared all out economic warfare in order to get it. WATCH

Glenn's plan to restore America begins with 'first principles'
Millions of Americans believe our nation is in trouble. A troubled economy, attacks on our homeland, corrupt leadership and floundering educational and health care systems threaten to wreak havoc on this country. But everyone views these problems through a different lens — and that's what divides us. To come together with a solution, Glenn suggests we establish "first principles." MORE

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