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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

HotAir Daily Express 08/04/2015

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Oct 20, Are you prepared for the upcoming financial storm?
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New CMP video: Intact fetuses "just a matter of line items" for Planned Parenthood
8/4/2015 10:32:45 AM  Ed Morrissey
As suspected, that temporary restraining order isn’t restraining Center for Medical Progress from continuing to release videos about Planned Parenthood, even if it might delay material from the National Abortion Federation. CMP just dropped a new

Federal judge extends TRO on Planned Parenthood videos to end of August; Update: New video dropping today?
8/4/2015 10:01:23 AM  Ed Morrissey
Is this a blow for Center for Medical Progress, or a short toss into a briar patch? Last week, a federal judge in San Francisco placed a temporary restraining order on CMP that enjoined it from releasing any more of its videos, specifically those

WSJ/NBC poll shows Hillary favorability shrinking across the board
8/4/2015 9:21:46 AM  Ed Morrissey
Democrats like to argue that demographics are destiny. If so, they’re headed for disaster, as long as Hillary Clinton remains the front-runner for the nomination. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows her favorability ratings shrinking,

Some "political speed dating" in New Hampshire
8/4/2015 8:41:25 AM  Jazz Shaw
Like many of the hopeless political addicts around the nation, I turned on C-SPAN last night and sat through the first “unofficial” debate of the GOP primary season, the Voters First summit in New Hampshire Sean Sullivan of the Washington

Special: 6 Banks in America Backing New Form of Currency, Will Render Your Money Useless!
5 Best and Worst IRA / 401(K) Rollover Decisions
Oct 20, Are you prepared for the upcoming financial storm?

Making sense of the TX AG indictment
8/4/2015 8:01:42 AM  Taylor Millard
The indictment against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is pretty straightforward, but also leaves plenty of questions. Paxton turned himself into Collin County authorities on Monday after a grand jury indicted him on securities fraud violations.

Quotes of the day
8/3/2015 10:41:47 PM  Allahpundit
Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his associates have begun to actively explore a possible presidential campaign, which would upend the Democratic field and deliver a direct threat to Hillary Rodham Clinton, several people who have spoken to Mr.

Real TIME headline: "Charles Koch Says U.S. Can Bomb Its Way to $100K Salaries"
8/3/2015 10:11:12 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
You won’t be surprised to learn that the libertarian Koch said…exactly the opposite. What he was pointing out as a “monstrous measure” was the amount of spending, particularly government spending on among other things military

Democrats manning the walls to defend sanctuary cities
8/3/2015 9:21:57 PM  Jazz Shaw
Last month, trying to strike while the iron was hot, some members of Congress – most notably Chuck Grassley – drafted legislation to reign in the so called “sanctuary cities” where illegal immigrants are regularly released back

"True Detective" grumble thread: Playin' out the string
8/3/2015 8:41:39 PM  Allahpundit
In hindsight I’m embarrassed that I’ve pushed theories on you guys about huge twists to come as season two tumbled to its end. Between the complexity of the plot and the endless detours into humdrum personal drama, like Frank’s IVF

The Brits struggle to deal with their own illegal immigrant problem
8/3/2015 8:01:17 PM  Jazz Shaw
We make plenty of news here in the United States for our “hateful policies of exclusion” when it comes to trying to keep people from illegally entering the country, but we’re actually not the only ones dealing with the issue. In merry

Having solved all other problems, NY fines companies selling toy guns
8/3/2015 7:21:57 PM  Jazz Shaw
New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, in cahoots with his boss, Andrew Cuomo, are very big into solving problems. Not to confuse anyone here… they’re not dropping the murder rate in New York City or staunching the the

Open thread: Are you ready for the first GOP non-debate debate?
8/3/2015 6:41:19 PM  Allahpundit
The things you learn when you return from vacation: Not only is the first candidate forum of the primary campaign being held tonight at 7 p.m. ET, three days before the Trump show/GOP debate on Fox News this Thursday, but virtually every candidate will

The latest from the campaign trail: Machine-gun bacon
8/3/2015 6:01:28 PM  Ed Morrissey
I’m certain that Ted Cruz offered this look into Texas-style bacon as a celebration of his leading status within the Hot Air survey, so …. you’re welcome. What could appeal more to conservatives than a demonstration of appreciation for

Video: Adorable hitchhiking robot brutally murdered in Philadelphia, of course; Update: Video emerges
8/3/2015 5:21:55 PM  Allahpundit
To cleanse the palate, he made it across Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands without incident. In the U.S.? Rubble in less than two weeks. His safe travels were a “huge test of human kindness,” per NBC, all but guaranteeing that the robot

Video: Team Biden "ramping up," but is Hillary worried?
8/3/2015 4:41:19 PM  Ed Morrissey
ABC’s Jon Karl calls this a “possible bombshell” in the 2016 sweepstakes, but it would have been little more than a footnote had it not been for the epic failure of Hillary Clinton as a candidate. The polling woes of Hillary have lured

Hillary begs forgiveness from abortion warriors in new video: I am with you, Planned Parenthood!
8/3/2015 4:01:52 PM  Allahpundit
Five days later, she’s still doing penance with the left for calling the CMP videos “disturbing,” eh? She must be in some awfully hot water behind the scenes: Josh Jordan’s right that she’s taking a risk here by stepping up

Video: Navy won't rule out charges against Chattanooga defender
8/3/2015 3:21:45 PM  Ed Morrissey
Honestly, this development seemed so bizarre that it screamed “hoax!” Apparently, though, the US Navy investigation into the mass shootings in Chattanooga might result in charges against one officer who returned fire in defense of his

Texas AG officially indicted
8/3/2015 2:41:19 PM  Taylor Millard
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is officially under indictment on securities fraud allegations. Word leaked out over the weekend on a Collin County grand jury decision which faces the hefty potential prison sentence of up to 99 years, if Paxton is

Light reading: Khamenei pens book on how to outfox US, destroy Israel
8/3/2015 2:01:53 PM  Jazz Shaw
Ed announced earlier today that Americans are not wild about the proposed Iran nuclear deal and generally oppose it by a wide margin. Americans certainly are a skeptical and suspicious lot, aren’t they? And why would everyone have so many

Monmouth poll: Trump now leads GOP field by 14 points, biggest margin to date
8/3/2015 1:21:04 PM  Allahpundit
Good catch by my pal Karl: If you look at RCP’s poll round-up, you’ll see that most national surveys lately fall into two groups. One group has Trump up by just three or four points, the other has him up 11 or 12. What’s interesting

The "Draft Jon Stewart" train rumbles on
8/3/2015 12:41:08 PM  Jazz Shaw
While it’s not the first time it’s been brought up in liberal circles (generally in jest) there is a bit more serious tone to an editorial which found its way to the pages of CNN this week. The unapologetic title says it all… Jon

Open thread: Senate debate on defunding Planned Parenthood; Update: Manchin supports defunding
8/3/2015 12:01:02 PM  Ed Morrissey
The bill to defund Planned Parenthood, S.1881, comes to the floor at 1 pm ET today. It faces a cloture vote in the near term and an almost certain Barack Obama vote in the long term, and it’s not certain that the bill’s supporters have enough

Trump: I don't think I'll be throwing any punches at Thursday's GOP debate
8/3/2015 11:21:54 AM  Allahpundit
Alternate headline: “Blogger loses all interest in Thursday’s GOP debate.” I’m less interested in watching Trump throw punches than seeing who’ll throw the first punch at him. Most people would say “Perry,” but

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Special: 6 Banks in America Backing New Form of Currency, Will Render Your Money Useless!
5 Best and Worst IRA / 401(K) Rollover Decisions
Oct 20, Are you prepared for the upcoming financial storm?


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