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Friday, August 07, 2015

HotAir Daily Express 08/07/2015

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Schumer's "no" vote on Iran might not scuttle deal
8/7/2015 10:01:43 AM  Taylor Millard
The biggest news coming out of last night isn’t the first GOP presidential debate, but the fact New York Senator Chuck Schumer will not support the Iran deal. The soon-to-be top Democrat in the Senate released a very long and thorough statement

For Democrats, #BlackLivesMatter is actually #BlackVotesMatter
8/7/2015 9:21:57 AM  Jazz Shaw
Hillary Clinton, whom I’ve never accused of being inept at political maneuvering, has clearly learned the required lesson’s from the disastrous appearances at Netroots Nation by Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders. During her recent

Debate wrap-up: The view from the #RSG15 floor
8/7/2015 8:41:09 AM  Ed Morrissey
ATLANTA, GEORGIA — In my experience, there’s no debate over the best way to watch a debate: have several hundred of your friends come over to watch it with you. The Red State Gathering kicked off last night in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by

Chuck Schumer bails on the Iran deal as Gillibrand backs Obama
8/7/2015 8:01:58 AM  Jazz Shaw
Last month we wondered how much influence Joe Lieberman and numerous other prominent voices in the Jewish community (particularly in New York City, which has the largest Jewish population after Tel Aviv) might have on Empire State Senator Chuck Schumer

Trump says "questions were not nice," Rubio makes best of his time
8/7/2015 1:28:42 AM  Mary Katharine Ham
This was the question at issue, in particular, for Trump. “You’ve called women you don’t like, ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dogs,’ slobs, and disgusting animals,” Kelly opened a question to Trump. “Only Rosie

Video: Christie and Paul throw down on security and surveillance
8/6/2015 10:45:11 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Let us perfectly elucidate a rift in the Republican Party, shall we? Christie is very comfortable in this area, and with good reason. His argument from the perspective of a prosecutor appointed the day before Sept. 11 is, of course, a powerful one and an

Video: Let's get this party started right, with Trump's refusal to say he won't run Indy
8/6/2015 10:01:48 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Well, this is one way to start off a debate. Who had Rand Paul for first attack on Trump? Please take your winnings. The room at Red State Gathering here in Atlanta was split between cheers and boos from Trump during this opening segment, with a few more

Video: Carly Fiorina's attack on Hillary leaves Chris Matthews speechless
8/6/2015 9:04:19 PM  Allahpundit
Via the Free Beacon, between this and her standout performance at the JV debate tonight, conservative Twitter’s in the grip of a full-blown case of Carlymania as I write this. The DNC seems nervous too, judging by the casual sexism of this

Open thread: The classiest, most luxurious debate ever
8/6/2015 8:01:38 PM  Allahpundit
9 p.m. ET on Fox News. You won’t believe how luxurious this debate is going to be. I stand by my prediction that this will be a letdown, just because there’s no way realistically it could fulfill expectations. Half the people watching are

Fiasco: U.S.-trained rebels in Syria are unaccounted for, may have been killed or deserted
8/6/2015 7:21:49 PM  Allahpundit
Late-breaking news this afternoon from the tip of the smart-power spear: CNN JUST IN: Remaining U.S. trained rebels in Syria are unaccounted for. May have fled, or been killed; whereabouts unknown. — Vaughn Sterling (@vplus) August 6, 2015 How bad

Meijer enters Wisconsin, runs into New Deal-era minimum markup law
8/6/2015 6:41:50 PM  Steve Eggleston
Michigan-based Meijer, which began the supercenter combination of a general merchandise store and a supermarket in 1962, began its expansion into Wisconsin in late June, and officially opened its second wave of Wisconsin stores today. As is often the

Why is Hollywood so abusive to women and minorities? Wait… what?
8/6/2015 6:01:13 PM  Jazz Shaw
There are some things which simply don’t require a ton of links and references to reinforce after they’ve been sufficiently reinforced in the public eye. One of these truisms is the fact that Hollywood stars and power brokers love lecturing

Good lord: John Bolton's PAC goes nuclear on Rand Paul — literally
8/6/2015 5:21:14 PM  Allahpundit
Well, not literally literally. You’ll see what I mean. A little pre-debate hors d’oeuvre here for you that turns LBJ’s “Daisy” ad on its head. The target in this case isn’t a candidate whose hawkishness would instigate

Open thread: Presidential debate matinee
8/6/2015 4:41:29 PM  Ed Morrissey
The Republican Party has its presidential opening night … in the afternoon. Thanks to a plethora of presidential candidates, the first debate will take place over a period of six hours, with the the first two hours reserved for the Three Or Less

Watch as America gets the Ferguson anniversary wrong
8/6/2015 4:01:16 PM  Jazz Shaw
August is a month for anniversaries of note. Today, for example, is the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Later this month we will mark the anniversary of the notorious events at Ruby Ridge. It’s also the month when the

Dem Sen. Bob Menendez: Obama didn't end Iran's nuclear program, he preserved it
8/6/2015 3:21:20 PM  Allahpundit
I don’t want to nitpick him since he’s admitting a painful truth against his party’s own interest here, but the deal does more than just preserve Iran’s program. It strengthens it. Until last month, the west’s position was

Pennsylvania AG Kathleen Kane charged for perjury, obstruction, abuse
8/6/2015 2:41:43 PM  Gabriel Malor
This has been coming for over a year. Here’s the back story. I will summarize. In March of last year, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was taking heat in the press for dropping a case against five Democrats, including four state

The new face of the congressional GMO fight is … Gwyneth Paltrow
8/6/2015 2:01:57 PM  Jazz Shaw
It’s easy to overlook with all of the campaign madness taking place, fights over Planned Parenthood and all the rest, but Congress has some other business to attend to when they return for the fall session. One item on the agenda involves questions

Jeb Bush on Trump, allegedly: "Buffoon," "clown," "a**hole"
8/6/2015 1:21:56 PM  Allahpundit
Maybe my earlier post was wrong. Maybe someone will throw a chair tonight. Like everyone else, Bush soon found Trump impossible to ignore. When Trump reposted a nasty tweet a couple of weeks after his contentious announcement speech— "Bush has to like

Will anything significant come from these debates tonight?
8/6/2015 12:41:37 PM  Jazz Shaw
Today begins the biennial ritual where I try to find ways to not feel completely pathetic about my interests and habits. I have friends who, at this very moment, are talking about the first NFL preseason games and already have their fantasy leagues set

Court says Texas Voter ID law is only slightly unconstitutional
8/6/2015 12:01:51 PM  Taylor Millard
A decision by a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals panel to call the Texas Voter ID law unconstitutional isn’t as big of a win as some are making it out to be. It’s true the panel upheld a previous judge’s ruling the law violated Section 2 of

Solid: The Republican candidates' pre-debate rituals
8/6/2015 11:21:44 AM  Allahpundit
First came the Lindsey Graham cell-phone smash-up, then came Ted Cruz cooking bacon on his AR-15, then this. The IJ Review‘s 2016 viral game is so damn strong right now. What can BuzzFeed possibly do to up the ante, especially after the Bobby

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