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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

HotAir Daily Express 08/25/2015

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Classified Hillary e-mail contained embassy security issues, sensitive diplomatic discussions
8/25/2015 10:01:52 AM  Ed Morrissey
We already got a hint of this last week, when Fox News identified some of the subject matter in now-redacted e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s secret server — the part of the cache she shared, anyway. Two of the e-mails that got retroactively

Dear Jeb: stop trying to tiptoe around the anchor baby question
8/25/2015 9:21:13 AM  Jazz Shaw
When a politician makes a legitimate mistake we expect them to own up to it, apologize and make a good faith effort to set things right. But one of the more sickening examples of political chicanery on display in America’s election circus is when

New CMP video: StemExpress CEO says Planned Parenthood is "a volume institution"
8/25/2015 8:41:07 AM  Ed Morrissey
The Center for Medical Progress video that StemExpress tried to stop with a court order went up on YouTube overnight — or perhaps more accurately, one of the videos. The undercover investigation catches StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer describing their

Rick Perry is still losing campaign staff
8/25/2015 8:01:00 AM  Jazz Shaw
I thought we might be seeing the beginning of the end of Rick Perry’s 2016 campaign two weeks ago when he stopped paying his staffers in South Carolina. While he hasn’t been publicly talking about dropping out, another nail seems to have been

Quotes of the day
8/24/2015 10:41:20 PM  Allahpundit
As stock markets around the world plummeted Monday morning, Donald Trump saw an opportunity, batting out a series of social media posts making his case as the man to fix the global economy. "As I have long stated, we are so tied in with China and Asia

ISIS destroys another ancient historic site after beheading its protector
8/24/2015 10:10:07 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Incalculable losses are endured every day in the territory ISIS commands. Many of those losses are human. For those who do not die at the hands of these barbarians, the scars are psychic and permanent and unimaginable. And, lest ISIS leave any of the

Let's do this: The inaugural "Fear the Walking Dead" grumble thread
8/24/2015 9:21:13 PM  Allahpundit
Just think: If this show becomes a smash like TWD, there’ll inevitably be yet another spin-off set somewhere else. And then, before long, there’ll be “Walking Dead” franchise episodes airing every Sunday night of the year. Imagine

Hero: Unable to carry on, woman chugs entire bottle of cognac at airport security
8/24/2015 8:41:03 PM  Guy Benson
Consider this your evening palate cleanser, appropriately alcohol- and China-related in light of today’s drink-inducing rollercoaster ride on Wall Street.  Sorry aspirants — this year’s Alcohol Olympics are over, and we have ourselves

Mind blown: What if Daniel is the real villain of "The Karate Kid"?
8/24/2015 8:01:05 PM  Allahpundit
An appropriate palate-cleanser for the day of a global market crash. You’ll never see the world the same way again after either. If you grew up in the 80s, the thought of Johnny Lawrence as a quiet hero is roughly as implausible as the thought of

Video: Koreas agree to keep disagreeing only moderately disagreeably, or something
8/24/2015 7:21:21 PM  Ed Morrissey
Send the subs back into port, and stand down the artillery pieces. The two Koreas have reached an agreement that stops the “semi” state of war that erupted over the last few days, with a statement of regret from Pyongyang over the maiming of

Jeb Bush: When I talk about anchor babies, I'm talking about organized efforts more common to Asian people
8/24/2015 6:41:09 PM  Allahpundit
Via Mediaite, I … guess that’s one way to wriggle out of a tough spot. “I wasn’t talking about minority group X; I was talking about minority group Y.” Psssst: I hate to tell you but we didn’t do so hot with minority

Earnest: Remember, picking Biden was Obama's best political decision ever
8/24/2015 6:01:32 PM  Ed Morrissey
For many of us, this may be damning with faint praise, and perhaps not even creditable to Barack Obama himself. When Russia invaded Georgia seven years ago, suddenly foreign policy appeared to take precedence in the 2008 presidential cycle for …

Tipping reaches a tipping point
8/24/2015 5:21:32 PM  Jazz Shaw
I don’t know if this is a case of “cheapskate shaming” or some other new blister on the cultural epidermis, but a story out of New Jersey this week has once again brought up the question of employment which relies on tips as part of

Is Ted Cruz the new frontrunner for the nomination?
8/24/2015 4:41:06 PM  Allahpundit
Ben Domenech sent a flutter through conservative Twitter this weekend with this tweet. Ted Cruz, the great tea-party hope, a favorite for the nomination? I think he’s right. Likeliest Republican nominee as of today: @tedcruz. — Ben Domenech

DHS: State Dept never told us about Hillary Clinton's secret server either
8/24/2015 4:01:12 PM  Ed Morrissey
Readers may be tempted to respond Join the club, but this is — in the words of the Obama administration’s most eloquent figure, a big effin’ deal.  The White House has demanded more authority and jurisdiction over private networks as

How not to explain #BlackLivesMatter in one lesson
8/24/2015 3:21:22 PM  Jazz Shaw
Observing the phenomenon of the Black Lives Matter movement from the sidelines it’s difficult to ignore the massive disconnect between the two sides, both in media coverage and the interaction of activists on the streets. Few things have served to

Are you ready for a Biden/Warren ticket?
8/24/2015 2:41:37 PM  Allahpundit
Has one meeting between two pols this far out from an election ever produced more presidential speculation than Biden’s, er, powwow with Elizabeth Warren this weekend? But you know what? It really does make sense. John Fund: Biden has another card

Video: Massacre averted at … Pokemon convention
8/24/2015 2:01:18 PM  Ed Morrissey
Police called the threat “real and serious,” and the cache of weapons found in the car of the pair arrested shows it. The plotters published threats of the massacre over social media, and attendees alerted authorities. James Austin Stumbo,

The GOP autumn of discontent?
8/24/2015 1:21:58 PM  Jazz Shaw
Assuming we make it through Wall Street imploding, terrorist attacks and another round of presidential debates, Congress is eventually going to have to come back into session for the Fall and they’ve got a lot waiting for them. The Democrats are in

NYT: White House regrets promising "anytime, anywhere" Iran inspections
8/24/2015 12:41:12 PM  Ed Morrissey
That’s not going to be the only regretful argument for Barack Obama and John Kerry as they push this dangerous stand-down on Iran’s nuclear-weapons development. David Sanger and Michael Gordon report in the New York Times that their main

How CNN may keep Carly Fiorina out of the next debate anyway
8/24/2015 12:01:06 PM  Jazz Shaw
You may recall that one of the big stories out of the first GOP debate (once you’d waded through all of the Trump news from the main stage) was the general approbation received by Carly Fiorina for her performance in the kids table show. In the

October surprise: Should the GOP be trying to draft more candidates into the race?
8/24/2015 11:21:54 AM  Allahpundit
How did we go from “This is the strongest GOP field in generations” to “Are we sure the GOP isn’t on course to nominating their very own Dukakis?” before the end of summer? It’s August 24th. There’s been one

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