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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

How to become an IoT hero for your organization

Cisco's SDN controller has a security hole | Windows 10 commandeers users' upload bandwidth

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How to become an IoT hero for your organization
Since the IoT is going to take over your organization eventually anyway, you can look at this as an opportunity. You can be the one who introduces it and all the benefits it brings. But just how, exactly, do you go about introducing this kind of technology? Read More

: Citrix Systems

eGuide: WAN Virtualization
In this eGuide, Network World examines the benefits of WAN virtualization and some recent trends in this area. Read on to learn how WAN virtualization can help your organization. Learn More

WHITE PAPER: Riverbed Technology

How Today's Hybrid Enterprises Thrive in Disruptive Times
While hybrid architectures and SaaS applications bring significant cost and flexibility benefits to enterprise users, they're creating unprecedented challenges for IT. In order to prioritize according to business needs, and to deliver an optimal and consistent end-user experience. View Now>>

Cisco's SDN controller has a security hole
Cisco has issued software to fix a vulnerability in its SDN controller than allows infiltrators to access the system as root users, with access to root commands. Read More

Windows 10 commandeers users' upload bandwidth
Microsoft will use its customers' upload bandwidth to deliver Windows 10's updates and apps with a peer-to-peer technology resembling BitTorrent, a fact that has caught some by surprise. Read More

Black Hat 2015: Attackers use commercial Terracotta VPN to launch attacks
RSA researchers have discovered a China-based VPN network dubbed Terracotta that is used extensively to launch advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks and that hijacks servers of unsuspecting organizations in order to add new nodes to its network. Read More


Big Data Impacts on Hybrid Infrastructure and Management
Join Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) in this on-demand webinar to get research highlights from the new Big Data Impacts on Hybrid Infrastructure and Management study. Learn More

Review: 2 tri-band routers push wireless network speeds
Do you need real Wi-Fi speed in your office? As 802.11ac-equipped laptops and PCs become common (and your 802.11n gear grows older), it's time to consider upgrading your Wi-Fi network infrastructure. (Insider Story) Read More

Black Hat 2015: Ransomware not all it's cracked up to be
All ransomware is not created equal and therefore should not be universally feared, a researcher will tell the Black Hat 2015 conference this week. Read More

ISP argues net neutrality rules violate its right to block content
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules violate the free speech rights of broadband providers because the regulations take away their ability to block Web traffic they disagree with, one ISP has argued. Read More


Microsoft Azure Overview and Key Features
Why should you consider Microsoft Azure? Benefits include improved efficiency and agility, scalability, lower IT costs and a consistent user experience between Microsoft's Cloud and your cloud. View Now

Cisco's pay package for CEO Robbins is a sweet deal
Cisco will pay incoming CEO Chuck Robbins a higher salary than outgoing chief John Chambers made in fiscal 2014. Robbins will make US$1.15 million in salary in fiscal 2016, which began this week, and he could earn another $2.59 million based on performance under Cisco's Executive Incentive Plan. Add in as much as $13 million in stock grants, and Robbins could bring in more than $16.7 million for his first year at the helm. Read More

Why enterprises are embracing rogue IT
Rogue IT, a term used to describe something as commonplace as an employee bringing a smartphone to work or using a cloud-based service to back up files, exists for many reasons. Read More

FREE COURSE: Learn basic Cisco networking
In partnership with tech training provider PluralSight, Network World offers a free online course on CCNA routing and VLANs. Read More

SD-WANs improve UC performance; Cloud + Mobility = more effective UC
Today, we highlight two reader resources. In the first paper, Dr. Jim Metzler explains in a technical advisory why a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) can overcome performance issues associated with unified communications (UC) that uses traditional WAN connectivity. In the second piece, Troy Trenchard, VP and General Manager for UC at Avaya explains why mobility and cloud services are so important to effective UC. Read More


How much do CIOs really make? Pay packages of 25 Fortune 500 execs revealed

Compensation for CIOs includes cash, equity, perks.


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