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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

LIVE! Watch Glenn’s Book Signing

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August 18, 2015
On Today's Program

Glenn was talking to the publisher of his new book, IT IS ABOUT ISLAM, when they asked if he noticed anything strange about the title page. Glenn said, "No." Then he went and looked at it and still said, "No." That's when they showed him something they probably should have pointed out before hitting print. MORE

Join Glenn at 7 pm Eastern Time for a live discussion and book signing where Glenn will discuss the message and inspiration behind his new book, IT IS ABOUT ISLAM. During the 90 minute live stream, Glenn will personalize pre-ordered copies of the book and answers user submitted questions. Want to be a part of the conversation? WATCH

Glenn joined Sean Hannity on Fox News Monday night to discuss the 2016 election and the global threats facing our country. From their straightforward online exchange leading up to the interview, some in the media might have expected a verbal sparring match to break out over their differences in opinion about Donald Trump. See for yourself what actually happened HERE.

During a Democratic fundraiser dinner in Iowa last week, Hillary Clinton took the opportunity to make fun of her own email scandal by announcing she'd recently launched a Snapchat account. See what she said and get Glenn's reaction HERE.

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"Making time for the family is the hardest thing to do for me," Glenn wrote. "I am usually bone tired when I get home and to have an evening where we play games together, read scriptures and learn a moral lesson is hard. But those are the best nights of my week." MORE

It's time to come together
We are now 10 days away from meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. We're going to stand up for life in all of its forms. It's time to unite. It's time to come together on principles and restore unity in our country. JOIN

'Not only will we kill you...' — Downright frightening post left on Glenn's social media
It's crazy some of the voices that come out of the woodwork when certain topics are discussed online. Following the announcement of his new book, IT IS ABOUT ISLAM, Glenn received a message written in Arabic and translated, which, in a twist of irony, seems to validate Glenn's message even more. Read the threatening post HERE.

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