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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Obama calls THIS “craziness,” but not Planned Parenthood

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August 06, 2015
On Today's Program

On radio today, Glenn played audio of a Q&A session with President Obama and young African leaders that practically dripped with irony. In response to a Kenyan woman's plea to bring attention to the ritualistic killing and harvesting of body parts of people with albinism in Africa, the president decried the practice, calling it a "foolish tradition," "craziness" and "cruel." Is harvesting body parts of aborted babies any different? Get Glenn's reaction HERE.

Glenn delivered a passionate monologue on Thursday's radio show calling for people to start taking action. Glenn admitted the struggle this has been for him in the past, as even during the 9/12 Project and Restoring Honor Rally, he saw himself more as a person to set others on the path for leadership. He never wanted to be the leader of this movement. But the time to sit on the sidelines has come to a close, and it's time to choose. Will you continue to be a sheep? Or will you be a sheepdog, society's protector? MORE

Every week, Glenn plans to partner with David Barton on a show dedicated to the action steps people can take to stop some of the horrible stories we see on the news. On Wednesday's TV show, they looked at the recent push to keep "In God We Trust" in public buildings. MORE

One of the challenges of traditional radio is that listeners must depend on "the theater of the mind" for visual support. Glenn's program is different in that you can watch the show through TheBlaze TV. So when Glenn decided to show video of "Al Gore and his new song on Cecil the lion," only those watching can appreciate what actually happened. See for yourself HERE.


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Rand Paul previews tonight's GOP debate
In anticipation of the first debate of the 2016 presidential campaign, Glenn interviewed Senator Rand Paul on radio today. Glenn didn't hold back on asking the senator his opinion on the major issues of our day and Senator Paul had some interesting responses. LISTEN

The 40 Day 40 Night Challenge – Day 18
Today, spend a few minutes to do a word study on mercy. Because, we can't exercise mercy if we don't fully understand what it means. Get the latest readings from the 40 Day, 40 Night challenge as we continue our march towards Birmingham on 8/28. MORE

Watch this kid! He is exposed to some serious God Parents!!!!
Last night, Glenn posted this video to his Facebook page. See why he thought it was "a great way to end the night!" WATCH

Glenn's take on the hate and divisiveness he sees
"I want all of my friends to read it. I snapped on the air today. I have had a migraine since Sunday. I didn't realize the stress of what I do until I stopped doing it for four weeks." Read more of Glenn's response HERE.

Join TheBlaze for tonight's GOP debate!
Starting at 5pm ET, TheBlaze will kick off their live blog for coverage of the first battle to become the Republican 2016 presidential candidate. Following each debate, join TheBlaze Radio hosts Doc Thompson, Skip LaCombe and Jay Severin for post-debate shows on TheBlaze Radio Network. MORE

Tickets for 8/28-8/29 Restoring Unity in Birmingham are now on sale!
Tickets for Restoring Unity are now on sale. This two-day event in Birmingham, AL from 8/28-8/29 is an opportunity to be a part of history as we stand as a unified nation for the persecuted. We hope you'll join us in saying "Never Again Is Now!" Get your tickets HERE.

Glenn's newest book, It IS About Islam, will be released August 18th
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