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Monday, August 10, 2015

One of the most powerful first lines of any book Glenn has read

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August 10, 2015
On Today's Program

As the avid reader he is, Glenn plowed through an untold number of books over the weekend, including one written by friend of Glenn and "talk radio legend" Mark Levin. With Levin joining Glenn on radio this morning, Glenn described the first line of Plunder and Deceit as "one of the most powerful first lines of any book I've read." Get the full exchange HERE.

While Bernie Sanders has been growing in popularity among white liberals, he's apparently not doing particularly well with minority groups. On radio today, Glenn played audio of the start of a Bernie Sanders speech in Seattle. He didn't get very far before it became clear how unpopular Sanders was among "Black Lives Matter" activists. Watch Glenn's reaction HERE.

Legendary NFL broadcaster Frank Gifford passed away over the weekend at 84-years-old. On radio Monday morning, Glenn delivered a touching tribute to Frank Gifford and shared an incredible story of what Frank did for fellow broadcaster Howard Cosell when Cosell was on death's door. MORE

TheBlaze reports: A British special forces sniper saved the lives of a boy and his father who were about to be beheaded by Islamic State jihadists by firing a shot at the head of the executioner from his position more than half a mile away, a British newspaper reported. MORE


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Catch-up on this weekend's 40 Day Challenge, 40 Night Challenge
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