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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Right Scoop

The Right Scoop


Posted: 04 Aug 2015 05:29 PM PDT

boehnerMark Levin ripped Boehner tonight for blaming new media and ...

Mark Levin: Rick Perry’s answer on legal immigration DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 03:58 PM PDT

marklevin_promo_largeMark Levin played a clip from last night’s voter forum ...


Posted: 04 Aug 2015 03:06 PM PDT

gop debate listEveryone has been breathlessly awaiting just who will make the ...

Jeb Bush just STUPIDLY gift-wrapped a quote for the pro-Abortion lobby

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 02:46 PM PDT

jeb bush faceThe GOP establishment favorite proved he could say stupid crap ...

David Horowitz goes rounds with Alan Colmes on Obama being a JEW-HATER

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 12:52 PM PDT

colmes_horowitzAlan Colmes had David Horowitz on his Fox News show ...

Ted Cruz RESPONDS to Maddow with awesome video

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 11:26 AM PDT

tedcruzLast night Rachel Maddow decided to ‘debunk’ Ted Cruz’s machine-gun ...

Watch this airhead celebrity try to ZING Donald Trump and end up BEING RACIST HERSELF! LOL!

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 10:43 AM PDT

kelly osbourneWe should have known that if you asked Kelly Osbourne ...

Christian university punishes student for criticizing Islam and Baltimore riots

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 09:35 AM PDT

studentsuspendedThe ridiculousness of political correctness is getting worse each day ...

AWESOME! Trump gets the LAST WORD on Gawker releasing his cell phone number [VIDEO]

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 09:01 AM PDT

donaldtrumpYou’ve probably heard by now that Gawker published Donald Trump’s ...

Fifth Planned Parenthood video drops: ‘Intact Fetal Cadavers’

Posted: 04 Aug 2015 07:55 AM PDT

plannedparenthood_melissafarrell“If we alter our process, and we are able to ...

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