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Friday, August 07, 2015

The Right Scoop

The Right Scoop

Morning Joe panel declares Rand Paul the LOSER of the first GOP Debate

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 04:55 PM PDT

msnbc panelThis morning the panel on Joe Scarborough’s MSNBC show seemed ...


Posted: 07 Aug 2015 04:24 PM PDT

james holmesThey had deliberated for over 6 hours across two days, ...

Mark Levin: The big Fox News debate ‘wasn’t a debate, it was a REALITY SHOW’

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 03:43 PM PDT

marklevin_promo_largeMark Levin was not happy with how the moderators handled ...

Megyn Kelly took Trump ‘on your knees’ comment out of context, CONTESTANT AGREES

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 02:38 PM PDT

branderoderickLast night Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump about some of ...

MORE TRUMP TWEETS! Says ‘Fox News should be ASHAMED,’ calls Krauthammer an ‘unbelievable CLOWN’

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 02:11 PM PDT

trump krauthammerThe Trumpinator continues his post-debate assault on Fox News, fueled ...

Carly Fiorina EDUCATES Glenn Beck after he says ‘You seem to be a little too BIG GOVERNMENT’

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 12:45 PM PDT

glennbeckGlenn Beck suggested to Carly Fiorina this morning that he’s ...

Steven Crowder interviews Carly Fiorina on SJW, abortion, immigration, and more!

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 11:35 AM PDT

crowderSteven Crowder interviewed Carly Fiorina before the debates last night: ...

Republicans AND Democrats who oppose the Iran Deal are just like terrorists who killed Americans – Obama

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 11:31 AM PDT

Obama-angry TRSObama didn’t just double down on his comparison of Republicans ...

Here’s how much time each candidate got in the Fox News 9PM debate

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 09:52 AM PDT

foxnewsdebateI just thought you’d want to see this graphic of ...

WOW: Trump calls Frank Luntz focus group a TOTAL JOKE, calls Luntz a LOW CLASS SLOB

Posted: 07 Aug 2015 09:22 AM PDT

donaldtrumpI’m beginning to think Trump doesn’t take bad reviews very ...

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