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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What are your first principles?

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August 19, 2015
On Today's Program

Millions of Americans believe our nation is in trouble. A troubled economy, attacks on our homeland, corrupt leadership and floundering educational and health care systems threaten to wreak havoc on this country. But everyone views these problems through a different lens — and that's what divides us. To come together with a solution, Glenn suggests we establish "first principles." MORE

If you want to know where you're going, you have to know where you've been. Next week, Glenn will be in Birmingham, Alabama, gathering with people from across the nation to march in defense of life — because All Life Matters. In preparation for the event, Glenn dedicated a few minutes of his show last night to give his audience a look back at where they'd been together over the last few years. WATCH

Glenn took a moment on radio today to name some of the good things he thinks Barack Obama has done for this country. Surprising as this may be, Glenn actually came up with a handful of things, including the fact that the President has awakened Glenn unlike anything ever has. Get the details HERE.

Glenn couldn't help but click on a story someone shared with him on Facebook this week. The article discussed a prophecy pointing to Donald Trump as a person chosen to fulfill God's plans and purposes. How could this even be fathomable? Get the story and Glenn's reaction HERE.

50% of older Americans have a nutritional deficiency that can cause permanent brain damage. Warning signs include fatigue, cloudy thinking, and mood swings. Correcting this deficiency is easy and inexpensive, and doing so will boost your brainpower and energy immediately! Learn how…

Most people haven't seen it yet, but Glenn has changed almost everything at TheBlaze and Mercury in the last 8 months. Not cosmetic changes, but "deep structural changes in all that we do." Glenn said 8/28 in Birmingham will be a new beginning for his company as well as himself. This week, Glenn set about changing the company mission statement to better reflect what we truly believe. READ

It's time to come together
We are now 9 days away from meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. We're going to stand up for life in all of its forms. It's time to unite. It's time to come together on principles and restore unity in our country. JOIN

Did you miss Glenn's Live Book Signing?
Glenn held his first-ever virtual book signing last night, where he interacted with viewers and answered their questions while signing copies of his newest book, IT IS ABOUT ISLAM. Didn't get a chance to see it live? Watch it on demand for free HERE.

Something wrong with the title page of Glenn's new book?
Glenn was talking to the publisher of his new book, IT IS ABOUT ISLAM, when they asked if he noticed anything strange about the title page. Glenn said, "No." Then he went and looked at it and still said, "No." That's when they showed him something they probably should have pointed out before hitting print. MORE

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