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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Android device makers promise monthly security fixes

Computerworld Security: August 06, 2015

Android device makers promise monthly security fixes

They're starting now with a fix for a major vulnerability called Stagefright.

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1. Did Android phones get a case of Stagefright?

2. Google and Samsung to push monthly security updates for Android

3. Senate delays vote on CISA cyberthreat info-sharing bill

4. ICANN resets passwords after website breach

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Did Android phones get a case of Stagefright?

Recent – and mostly incorrect – reports of an Android phone system hack have
finally been put to rest by the only source that matters.

Google and Samsung to push monthly security updates for Android

After learning about the Stagefright vulnerability that can pwn Android phones
with a text message, Google and Samsung announced plans to push monthly security
updates for Androids. The announcements came on the same day that Stagefright
will be presented at Black Hat USA.

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Senate delays vote on CISA cyberthreat info-sharing bill

Lawmakers plan to take up the controversial bill after a month-long recess.

ICANN resets passwords after website breach

The overseer of the Internet's addressing system said that someone obtained
information related to user accounts for its public website, although no
financial information was divulged.


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