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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Tweaks to Windows 10 settings for privacy

How to setup a local account in Windows 10 during or after installation | Microsoft will NOT email you Windows 10, it's ransomware

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Tweaks to Windows 10 settings for privacy
The default settings for Windows 10 are ridiculously bad from privacy perspective, so here are some tweaks to help you better protect your privacy. Read More


Fraud Management for Insurance Solution Brief
Insurance fraud is identified as a significant revenue loss for insurance providers. Read this whitepaper to learn how you can manage the claims investigation process from prevention through litigation. Learn More


First Cloud project? Consider using AppDev/Test
As businesses become more digital, IT professionals face the challenge of delivering applications and new business services faster. Implementing an application development/testing cloud not only offers developers a practical starting point for a cloud implementation, but also is the key to staying ahead of the competition. Learn more >>

How to setup a local account in Windows 10 during or after installation
You can setup a local account in Windows 10 during a clean installation and you can also setup a local account after installing Windows 10 using a Microsoft account. The process is a bit more straightforward than it was in Windows 8. Read More

Microsoft will NOT email you Windows 10, it's ransomware
For people who are impatient for their Windows 10 upgrade, don't fall for an email scam that includes a zipped file that is supposedly Windows 10 sent by Microsoft. It's not the OS, but it will install ransomware on your PC. Read More

Windows 10's first update is already in the works
Windows 10 is just hitting desktops and Microsoft is already working on its first update to the OS, which may be released as early as August. This may be out of character with its past, but it fits into Microsoft's new strategy of faster releases and updates to the OS. Read More


5 Key Strategies for Successful Mobile Engagement
Read this whitepaper to learn how to invigorate your brand presence with the IBM mobile customer engagement platform. Learn More

Microsoft: Stop stealing bandwidth!
The time has come for a standard way to proactively inform users about the bandwidth consequences of downloading (or uploading, in the case of Microsoft's Windows 10) and "experiencing" software, movies, photos, games—you name it. Microsoft's decision to deploy Windows 10 with a function enabled to deliver Microsoft content via a peer-to-peer back door to fellow consumers is an egregious case of a vendor stealing users' bandwidth. Read More

Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever made
The usual bumps of an OS launch are understandable and forgivable, but some of the terms of the end user service agreement for Windows 10 put the NSA to shame. Read More

So long (Vista), it's been good to know yah
Windows Vista, the perception-plagued operating system Microsoft debuted to the general public in early 2007, has sunk to near insignificance, powering just two out of every 100 Windows personal computers, new data shows. Read More


2015 Enterprise Mobility Survey
The 2015 Enterprise Mobility Survey asked over 300 mobile professionals what their top enterprise mobility challenges are, their plans for equipping employees with mobile apps, and how they are driving value with mobility. Learn More

Microsoft levels up web version of Outlook for business customers
Enterprise users who rely on the web interface for Microsoft Outlook email will be getting an upgrade thanks to new features Microsoft announced Tuesday. The user interface for Outlook on the web (previously known as the Outlook Web App) has been redesigned with a cleaner look and easier access to key features like archiving and moving messages through a new action toolbar. Read More

Ballmer's phone blunder cost Microsoft $10 billion
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's decision to buy the Nokia phone business and current chief executive Satya Nadella's roll-back of that move cost the company $10 billion, most of it paper losses, in the firm's 2015 fiscal year. Read More

12 obscure new Windows 10 features that eliminate everyday hassles
The amount of new goodies in Windows 10 is almost mind-boggling. Even if you've read PCWorld's insanely detailed Windows 10 review, our look at Windows 10's best new features, and our mammoth guides to the operating system's best tips and tricks and hidden features, you still haven't seen everything Microsoft has to throw at you. Read More


How much do CIOs really make? Pay packages of 25 Fortune 500 execs revealed

Compensation for CIOs includes cash, equity, perks.


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