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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

From close range

Dear Fellow Conservative,

If we’re going to reclaim America, conservatives have to hit the Washington Establishment from close range.

That’s why a critical phase of The Heritage Foundation’s Reclaim America campaign is building the Freedom Center.

Only steps from the U.S. Capitol, the Freedom Center will be at very close range. It will be your conservative stronghold for retaking our country.

The construction is already underway. To galvanize this historic project, I am asking you and your fellow Heritage supporters to donate $1 million by August 18

This campaign goal is so vital that one generous Heritage supporter offered to double the value of any gift you give by August 18. 

You see, the Freedom Center will be the command headquarters for the conservative movement, and your participation will help put us light years ahead.

Supporting our campaign to build the Freedom Center is the way to fight for what you hold most dear.

So join us by August 18 to help reclaim America.

Thank you for believing in our country.


Jim DeMint

The Heritage Foundation

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