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Thursday, August 20, 2015

It IS About Islam

It Is About Islam

This week my new book It Is about Islam was released. I wrote this book because I was sick and tired of asking the same questions over and over again and not getting answers. I’ve decided that enough is enough. It’s time to stand up and speak the truth.

It Is about Islam.

More specifically, it’s about those who follow the original teachings of Islam; teachings that, according to the radicals, should never evolve. We may take comfort in calling terrorists “un-Islamic,” but the truth is that they view themselves as the only true purveyors of authentic Islam in the world.

This is a violent and dangerous sect of Islam. We must stop the politically correct dialogue. We must stand up and say radical Islam is psychotic. It’s dangerous. To talk about it in any other way is perilous. This isn’t my opinion about Islam; it’s what the Koran and Hadith say about Islam.

I encourage you to read my new book It Is about Islam. Share it with friends. Please – help me ring this bell. We have to stand up to this dangerous enemy.


Glenn Beck

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