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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Microsoft buddies up to Docker with Windows Server Containers

Microsoft issues out-of-band patch for critical Internet Explorer flaw | Latest Windows 10 preview cripples 64-bit Chrome

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Microsoft buddies up to Docker with Windows Server Containers
Move over, Docker, and make room for Microsoft in the emerging market for software containers. Microsoft has released a technical preview of the first publicly available version of Windows Server Containers, which will be built into Windows Server 2016, the next version of Microsoft's operating system for servers. With this release, Microsoft is not positioning Windows Server Containers as an outright competitor to the Docker container, but rather as a complementary technology. Read More

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Acer: Proven Solutions for Professional Demands
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Data breaches bring security up the healthcare agenda
As recent events have made clear, protecting health information is not easy. KPMG's industry professionals argue the key to improved protection is integrating cybersecurity into the organization. Learn More

Microsoft issues out-of-band patch for critical Internet Explorer flaw
A dangerous flaw in Internet Explorer has prompted Microsoft to issue a patch outside its regularly scheduled monthly security updates in order to head off a known exploit of the vulnerability.The company has issued a security bulletin that describes how users who are lured to specially crafted webpages could have attackers take over control of their computers with the same rights as the user who logged into the machine. Read More

Latest Windows 10 preview cripples 64-bit Chrome
Microsoft's latest Insider build of Windows 10 has crippled the 64-bit version of Google's Chrome browser. After Microsoft issued build 10525 Tuesday, Chrome users began reporting on Google's help forum, on Reddit and elsewhere, that their browsers were consistently crashing. Read More

Amazon, Microsoft strengthen tools to store app and enterprise data in their clouds
New technology from Amazon and Microsoft this week highlights how cloud-based storage is, step-by-step, becoming more mature and offering more flexibility for developers, storage administrators and people in a wide range of other roles. Read More


Leveraging the Cloud for Your Social Business Workloads
Today, "social business" - a broad term that describes how social, mobile, and other technologies facilitate enhanced employee, customer, and partner engagement - has transformed the way we do business. Read this Frost & Sullivan whitepaper to learn why the cloud is one of the key reasons for this rapid transformation. Learn More

Windows 10 still contacts Microsoft even when told to stop
There has been considerable concern over the intrusive and spying nature of Windows 10, so much so that multiple apps have been rushed to market to make it easy to turn off all the spying activity. Well, it seems even that doesn't work, as Windows 10 keeps right on poking around in users' systems, according to multiple reports. Read More

Parallels Desktop 11 lets Mac users say 'Hey Cortana'
Mac users will soon be able to say "Hey Cortana" and have Microsoft's virtual assistant talk back to them from OS X, thanks to new functionality included in Paralells Desktop 11. Read More

Microsoft releases first beta for the next version of Windows
Microsoft has kicked off its Windows as a service plans with the launch of its first Insider update for Windows 10 Tuesday. Read More


Following the Rules, Reducing the Risk
As part of normal business activity, organizations are challenged with providing information to internal and external clients on a global scale, while at the same time, protecting personal information and ensuring intellectual property remains secure. Access this short article by AIIM to learn more about compliance. Learn More

Who's upgrading to Windows 10?
Windows 8.1 users have been half again as likely to upgrade to Windows 10 as their compatriots running Windows 7, data from a Web metrics vendor showed today, confirming expectations about who would upgrade first to Microsoft's new operating system. Read More

Gaming services, hosting companies hit with new type of DDoS attack
Gaming and hosting companies have been hit with a new kind of DDoS attack that could snowball without preventive steps, Level 3 Communications warned on Monday. Read More

Microsoft pushes emergency update for Internet Explorer vulnerability
Windows users are encouraged to update their computers as soon as possible, after Microsoft pushed out a patch for an issue in Internet Explorer that lets attackers remotely run malicious code with whatever privileges the current user has. Read More


Top 10 techie vacation spots

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